Indicatives are easy!

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Tradomatic Indicatives are specially designed for buyers who hold active origination.

Offering Indicatives on the platform is an easy and fast way to notify all of the market about origination prices.

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Your daily indicative prices will immediately become available to numerous sellers.


Easy creation

If your company actively originates, then Indicatives are for you!

In only a few minutes, you will create a template for any commodity on any parity.

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Editing in one click

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After creating a template, daily updates of pricing will take less than a minute.


A smart interface provides an opportunity to manage Indicatives together with your colleagues as well as track pricing history.


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Yuriy Havrylyuk

Trader, Spike Trade AG

If you spend more than a minute per day to update and publish your Indicative prices, then you are wasting your time. Tradomatic offers a smart and fast solution to do the same thing in seconds!

Notify all the market about you indicative prices!