Tradomatic auctions help receive additional profit

Online auctions are virtual rooms where all your buyers are at one table in front of you.

Tradomatic Auctions are more effective than common over-the-phone auctions because buyers see how prices grow in real time.

Filtered and confirmed buyers

Bidding real time on your screen

Always maximum price


Easy set up

Auctions can be created for any commodity on any parity.

It takes only a minute to set up an auction.


You can set up the duration, minimum bid and other options in just a few clicks.


Confirmed buyers

The platform offers a full and confirmed list of buyers.


Tradomatic provides access to more than 300 origination managers and more than 50 traders.


Fast and effective bidding

During bidding, buyers can see bids grow, but they do not see who actually gave them.


Buyers realize that demand is absolutely real, and this motivates them to increase bids.

9 April 2019 


Last week, 1580 MT of sunflower seeds were successfully sold using the Tradomatic Auctions. #AgroGeneration

Mariana Makar

Director of Sales, Agrogeneration

Tradomatic Auctions is a high-quality and easy-to-use instrument that helps producers hold transparent, fast and effective bidding.

Auctions help to sell faster and with higher profits!